Miguel Ángel Salazar

lives and works in Mexico City. He produces objects and videos that derive from a quasi-archaeological search of digital archives and the re-collection of personal memories. These digital and physical reproductions take on new forms as the artist reconsiders their association between the past and the present. Creating a bridge between the physical world and the digital one, with constant crossing from one to the other, Salazar explores the possibility of an interaction between new production processes and traditional ones. The reproduction of each object is an opportunity to fragment both digital and personal memories.



2019 La Tierra Antes del Diluvio, Fundación MARSO, Mexico City, Mexico.

2018 Dreaming about the yesteryear, Museum of human achievement, Austin, Texas.

     2017 Prologue: Digital Cenotaphs. Galería Mascota, Mexico City, Mexico. 

     2015  Home Improvement. Bikini Wax, Mexico City, Mexico.

     2014  Greatness/Sadness/Loneliness. Farm Cultural Park, Sicily, Italy. 

     2013 Project Room Casa Maauad, Mexico City, Mexico. 



    A Space Came There and Crashed. Magic the Gallery, Austin, Texas.

Fortuito Gozo. Gabriel Mancera #418. Mexico City, Mexico.


Fake plastic forevers & détournement of digital colonialism. Internet Moon Gallery, online.

Otra Visita a la Escultura. Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Mexico City, Mexico.

ReConstructo: Rebuilding Mexico. Zuecca Project Space, Venice, Italy.

El movimiento no esta en la pantalla. SOMA. Mexico City, Mexico.

    Estudio marte presenta. Estudio Marte. Mexico City, Mexico. 

    MM/1: When removed from view, removed from existence. Winchester School of Art, Winchester, England. 


    MM/1: When removed from view, removed from existence. Winchester School of Art, Winchester, England. 

    El Placer de la Incertidumbre. Casa de Cultura de la San Rafael, Mexico City, Mexico. 


    LIQUIFY//REFRACT. Materia, Mexico City, Mexico.

    Zona MACO. Casa Maauad booth, Mexico City, Mexico. 


    Parámetro. Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico.  


    Untitled. Casa Maauad booth, Miami. 

    Festina Lente. Create Collect, Wynwood, Miami. 

    Collective Show. Casa Maauad, Mexico City, Mexico. 


    Material Art Fair. Hilton, Mexico City, Mexico.

    Momentum for Tormentun, 168 Bowery, New York City, New York. 

    Reprise R4, Mathieu Copeland. Casa Maauad, Mexico City, Mexico.    

    Ecoasis, Zacatecas 194, Mexico City, Mexico.


    Your Body is a Template: La Bota Sucia. Omiya, Mexico City, Mexico.

    La bota en tiempos de guerra: La Bota Sucia. Hotel Brick, Mexico City, Mexico.


    Emergence: La Bota Sucia. Espacio Transitorio, Mexico City, Mexico.


2014 Loneliness. Sicily, Italy. 

2013 Sadness: New York City, New York. 

2012 Greatness: Mexico City, Mexico.


2018 Unlisted Projects, Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, Texas.

2014 FARM Cultural Park, Sicily, Italy.


2017 SOMA. Mexico City, Mexico.

2012 Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de México. Mexico City, Mexico.

2007 American School Foundation. Mexico City, Mexico.