Bikini Wax 

Luis Nava and Miguel Ángel Salazar function as badware
within the live system that is Bikini Wax, making ‘improvements’
without considering their full functionality; some may be
cosmetic and superficial, for preservation and some just for fun. 
Home Improvement departs from the ‘upgrade’ idea inside
the technological framework that often leaves the user
with no decision on what is modified and the 'improvements' 
in the exhibition come knowing that the house always wins;
if you want to play, you got to take it into account, this way,
the 'upgrade' includes the architecture and the art works
continuously hosted in the place.

The house is a capricious teenager;
Miguel Ángel Salazar and Luis Nava know this
and bring her shiny offerings, they listen to her,
improve her social networks and make her prettier
to make her friends envy.

Patricia Siller, 2015


Photos taken by Ramiro Chaves

Screenshot 2015-10-06 16.01.57.png