Loneliness will be the third part of the 'Greatness' trilogy. The script will be based on PostSecret notes. This particular film will tie up the other two, it will be a recollection of fragmented memories from an older man. 

Greatness is viewed on an early stage, childhood and adolescence, the pains of growing up. The foundation of this work is friendship and the road to become a legend. It keeps on feeding on these doubts and artists answers based on their expierence. Sadness continues this saga with the middle stage, a young adult who suffers from a breakup. Learning to love and maturing at the same time with all of these quotes on how to be great and become someone better, the best that you can be. Loneliness will become the recopilation and contemplation of someone who knows that has lived and has not become that legend, he will die trying to remember everything that has just brought him into that point. 

The whole idea within Loneliness is to go on a mental road trip to search for those fragmented memories and try to put them together. There will be stolen memories, events, places, that are kept in the main’s character mind, that we wont be able to assure that they are his memory.