Laser Works

The project consists of a series of paintings and drawings inspired by a dialogue between certain landscapes of video games and German Romanticism, specifically the work of Caspar David Friedrich. These paintings are made using a laser machine as a painting and drawing tool. 

As computer graphics have become more complex and dimensional video games have become a more immersive lifelike experience. The player interacts with the virtual world through their actions and the challenges it faces, creating a bond that makes him conceive and perceive things not there.
I am interested in exploring the game from the point of view of landscape contemplation, considering that this is not your goal. The objective of the game is not to admire your surroundings, but fulfill certain missions or continue the story, leaving aside contemplation, but increasingly moving graphics are less likely to ignore.




Laser etchings

Carbon on paper

These works dimensions are 32.9 x 48.3 cm

Laser paintings

Acrylic on canvas