Google images searches are engraved on Alfred Lord Tennyson 3D prints, going through a metal coating by electrolysis. The search is based on the cenotaph of Alfred Lord Tennyson, downloaded from Oliver Laric's Lincoln 3D scans. These engraved images represent a specific date and time on the internet, these are printed memories from the internet. The electrolysis process is used to preserve your most treasured memories and is normally used to copper plate baby's shoes, baby boots, dog collars, horseshoes, champagne corks, gifts, etc. 

The accompanying videos work as a brief ode to the algorithm, this Smartphone edited pieces are a cinematographic essay on how we gain information online. The way we approach certain topics by filtering them through our daily feed, how we choose which information is real and which is fake. These video essays are proof of the immediate reaction we have to the topics we research online, while it makes an obvious pick on how absurd some of the results might be.